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Automobile Law

Consumer Automobile Law

  1. Vehicle Financing Problems (Trade-Ins, Yo Yo Sales and Financing)
  2. Leasing
  3. Car Titles (defective title)
  4. Credit Insurance, Gap Insurance and Service Contracts
  5. Failure to disclose pre-existing mechanical problems
  6. Salvage Fraud (undisclosed flood damage or rebuilt vehicle)
  7. Odometer Fraud
  8. Lemmon Laundering
  9. Automobile Warranties and Repairs
  10. Forced-Placed Auto Insurance
  11. Revocation of Acceptance of the vehicle
  12. Voluntary or Involuntary repossessions (collection of deficiency balance)
    Debt Collection Defense of a Court Case: credit card, loans, personal guaranties, medical, car repossessions.)

Consumer Automobile Law Check

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